Recognised as the world's largest and most liquid financial market, foreign exchange (forex or FX) provides ongoing trade opportunities to traders across the globe. With an estimated US$6.6 trillion switching hands on a daily basis, APP FX traders can trade upto 48 different currency pairs and take advantage of market fluctuations as and when they happen.

The largest financial market on the planet


The daily traded volume of the global FX market, which is currently around US$6.6 trillion, dwarfs the daily traded volume of the world’s major stock markets – combined.

Additionally, unlike the stock market, on the FX market traders can take either long or short positions and can trade with leverage.

At APP FX we provide you with leverage of upto 500:1.

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Advantages of trading Forex with APP FX

Leverage of 1:500
24-hour marketplace
Over 40 FX pairs to trade
Trade majors or exotics
Low spreads
Free daily FX market analysis
No dealing desk
Start with just $50

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