Index trading continues to be one of the most popular sectors for traders to be involved in. For many stock market traders, their first move into leveraged trading is through the global indices. At APP FX, we provide access to more than ten index CFDs, covering the US, Europe and Australasia, all with 100:1 leverage and commission free.

What is Index CFD?

A stock index CFD, such as the S&P500, is a measurement of the price movement of all the shares that make up that index.  So as each of the top 500 stocks in the US move, so too does the S&P500 index.

Trading Index CFDs means you are trading on the performance of the top stocks that make up each respective index.

At APP FX, you can trade the following indices:


Dow Jones




Euro Stoxx

Hong Kong 50

ASX 200


China A50

Trade the world’s most popular indices today

Advantages of Trading indices with APP FX  

Leverage of 1:100
No dealing desk
Commission free trading
24-hour marketplace
Trade long (buy) or short (sell)
Free market analysis
Trade on the powerful commodities platform – MT4
Start with just $50

Start trading indices with APP FX today – with just $50 to get started,

the world’s top indices to choose from and the MT4 to trade on,

it’s fast, easy and powerful.